June 24, 2022

Which One To Pick Between In-Person vs. Online Tutoring?

Recent years have forced us to shift to internet-based platforms due to limitations with face-to-face options. Now, with pandemic restrictions being relaxed, both are at your disposal! But, which one is is the perfect fit for you?

Web-based and traditional tutoring are both excellent learning opportunities; neither an inferior option, but there are diverse advantages. Here's a guide to the strengths and weaknesses of each of these methods to help you select the best suited option for you or your child!

How Does Online Tutoring Work?

Online tutoring services contain high-quality lessons through web applications, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Skype, where the learner and the teacher establish a real-time discussion over the Internet to guide you with homework, explain concepts, or answer queries.

The internet has a lot of applications which can be leveraged as a learning center to reinforce education with the students. Great tutors will take benefit from advanced features to give students classes which are more dynamic.

Online Tutoring Pros

Adjustable Schedule

Do you have a busy schedule? Then online lessons are the way to go. Without travel times to hinder you, you are just a phone call away from an online tutoring session.


If you are shuffling between high school or college work, extracurricular activities, or transportation hinderance, then consider yourself lucky. Private tutoring is planned according to your availability. An online session can be prepared as soon as you speak with the tutor.

More Cost-Effective

The cost of gas is through the roof! You and your tutor save time and money by eliminating travel times. This is another reason why online tutoring can be less costly.

Furthermore, if the tutor works entirely online, they may not have the overhead costs of renting a space and associated prices for operating a tutoring center.

Online Tutoring Disadvantages

May Not Be Ideal for Hands-On Work

A great tutor will always make every effort to apply teaching methods that assist you in understanding their lessons. With screen sharing and other improved functionality, a lot can be accomplished using an internet connection.

Sadly, this isn’t a fit for every learner. One disadvantage of digital vs. in-person tutoring might be the absence of interaction and the ability to collaborate on a assignment in the same space. Some lessons are just best shared in-person.

May Be Difficult to Focus

As widely used as they are, webcams fail to view all the warnings that body language can convey. You and your educator can take advantage of that rapport created in tutoring sessions. If you struggle to focus during school or online sessions, your learning style is perhaps better suited for in-person tutoring.

How Does Traditional Tutoring Work?

Traditional tutoring is exactly what you’d imagine. An expert teacher schedules a private tutoring session with you and gives assistance with schoolwork.

In-person classes are excellent for applying different teaching methods. They are ideal for people with retention difficulties. Regarding homework help, nothing compares, as you can see body language, which is instrumental for learning.

Traditional Tutoring Benefits

Face-to-Face Might Be More Personable

Connecting with your teacher face-to-face can help you feel more relaxed and responsible. Becoming accustomed to their quirks, style, and communication style will establish confidence about asking questions.

Easier to Read Body Language

On the other hand, the educator can get to understand you better and create lessons suited to your interests. This can offer a high-quality education that will keep you attentive throughout.

Traditional Tutoring Challenges

Commuting Time

Among the primary benefits of online tutoring is conducting a session from anywhere, eliminating travel times significantly. This is crucial if you are a active person with a very tight schedule or live in an area with rush hour. The hassle of transportation and long travel times can be drawbacks to traditional tutoring.

Possibly More Costly

You must include travel time expenses to your calculations. While face to face private tutoring sessions deliver the better experience, it can also be more expensive than online lessons depending on the provider.

Moreover, traditional tutoring may leverage expensive books and materials to enhance the learning experience. On the other hand, an online session may be less expensive. Again, this depends on the tutoring service.

Grade Potential Offers Both Online & Traditional Tutoring

A great thing regarding our tutoring services is that we have choices. Both methods are accessible to you. Both methods have strengths and weaknesses, and the method that is most helpful to your learning style is the best option for you.

Grade Potential provides high-quality lesson plans regardless of the option you choose. If you have further questions regarding online vs. traditional tutoring, reach out, and we'll discuss what might be best for you.